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About Bret Jensen

Bret Jensen, ranked by Tip Ranks in the top 5% of the over 8,000 financial analysts and bloggers for performance is one of the top trafficked contributors on Real Money Pro, Seeking Alpha and Investors Alley.


Specializing in profiling high beta sectors, Bret produces Biotech Gems, Blue Chip Gems and Small Cap Gems investment newsletters. Focusing on these under followed high beta and high alpha sectors of the stock market with significant potential for outsized alpha.


Bret graduated Arizona State University with a B.S. in Finance. His background for the past two decades as Technology Director for American Express, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Strategist for Simplified Asset Management, full-time trader, and financial journalist has led to becoming a highly regarded analyst.  


He attributes his keen investment insight and expertise to decades of investing in high beta areas of the market. These spaces proven hugely successful in the biotech and small cap stock sectors have empowered Bret Jensen's investing portfolio over the past two decades. 


Shotgun Investing is a term Bret has used over the years that has stuck with investors. This type of investment style requires making small bets across a myriad of promising but speculative stocks to mitigate risk in these highly volatile sectors of the market.


The purpose of Shotgun Investing is to research and select articles from around the web that profile these type of stocks that have delivered the best returns within Bret Jensen’s investing portfolio.

The focus of the letter is to give you high quality research on small cap stocks poised for double and triple digit growth. This can sound a little over the top… I get all the ads from other newsletters, too. But there’s a fundamental difference between those letters and mine: I buy the stocks I recommend. And if I believe there the odds are overwhelmingly in our favor for huge gains and I’ve got my own money in it, then you know I’ve got skin in this game. This is how I got to be in the top 2% of all analysts with Seeking Alpha and continue to drive in win after win after win. Of course all positions are fully disclosed with every write-up so you know my personal stake ahead of time. I’ve been called America’s #1 Insider mostly because of my special knack for finding small cap stocks about to take off. I have one of the fastest growing followings on Seeking Alpha and currently am delivery multiple double and triple digit gains for my subscribers.


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Bret Jensen

“I hope Shotgun Investing serves as a great idea generator or starting point for additional research in these type of investments that can provide the ‘home runs’ within your investment portfolio.”  

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Navigating the high beta sectors of the market.

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