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Small cap equities with a tendency for volatility are potentially more lucrative than the overall market dominated by well-known large cap stocks. These small cap stocks are lacking the attention from the majority of financial commentators and investors but can provide outsized returns. We will highlight analyst reports and well-articulated articles on potentially attractive "off the radar" stocks within the small caps sector of the market.


  • Ladenburg has 135 years of operating history, and has struggled along with competitors during a difficult operating environment.

  • Strong growth should lead to out-performance, but this has been largely overshadowed recently due to industry headwinds.

  • With a solid second quarter growth, Ladenburg is showcasing its strong platform and adviser strength, but changes in product mix may be affecting margins.

  • Their focus on recurring revenues adds a sense of stability to the network, giving Ladenburg an ability to grow with measured and well funded persistence.

  • Platform for growth positions Ladenburg well for future industry consolidation, and allows them to ride out these temporary headwinds and succeed well into the future.

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  • On the evening of Monday June 23, Intermap Technologies Corp. was issued a $175+ million governmental letter of award for a national spatial data infrastructure program.

  • Intermap issued an earnings release on Thursday evening, reiterating its view that this deal will be launched before the end of this quarter (ending September 30).

  • On Friday, Intermap's management team disclosed that it has multiple governmental megadeals in its pipeline, including one (estimated at over $125M) that is expected to close before year-end.

  • Intermap’s market cap is hovering around a mere $50 million despite being at the onset of monetizing 20 years (and over $200 million) of investment.

Investors interested in the Medical Devices industry generally keep themselves busy analyzing existing trends – like longer life expectancies, mergers and acquisitions, emerging market opportunities, increased regulatory scrutiny and health care reforms.


However, here are some of the emerging trends that one should also take into account, as these might eventually transform the prospects of industry.


Add to it, the overall favorable Zacks Industry Rank (#52 for medical products and #81 for medical instruments – both of which indicate a positive outlook) makes it a favorable space to bet on.

One important field Insider Monkey follows is insider trades. Ultimately, who else would be most informed about developments in companies than the people most closely associated with these organizations? It comes as no surprise, therefore, that data shows insider purchases can be relatively effective in predicting how a stock performs over the long-term. This is why today’s spotlight shines on Sothebys (NYSE:BID), Summit Hotel Properties Inc (NYSE:INN) and TrovaGene Inc (NASDAQ:TROV), all of which had significant insider buying on August 12. Apart from looking at the specific insider purchases in these companies, we will also delve into how hedge funds are trading them, for a clearer picture of how good of an investment these stocks are.


  • Alimera is making solid progress with Iluvien's commercialization efforts.

  • The addressable market and pricing leave room for significant growth.

  • Europe still a soft spot, but the situation is improving.

  • Q2 miss and weakness in the biotech sector have weighed on the share price.

  • Adding Alimera to my watch list and looking for a bottom in the following months with evidence of Iluvien's continued success.


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